Мichael Wadbolsky



      Translated from Georgian by Mary Bitsadze and Andrew Andersen

      Web-edition: Andrew Andersen




Editor’s Message:


This book is not simply rare. It is almost extinct. We managed to find a copy of it due to the efforts made by Ms. Mary Bitsadze who also kindly translated it from Georgian into Russian thus allowing us to translate it further into English.

Our special thanks to Ms. Katie Alberts who digitalized both Georgian and Russian versions of the book.






About the book and its author:


The sad fact is that, as of today, the Georgian heraldry is far from being researched and studied thoroughly. The only comprehensive book on this neglected topic is the book “Heraldic Symbols of Georgia” by Michael Wadbolsky published in 1980 by the Khelovneba  publishing house. However, the Soviet ideologists who dominated the publishing industry of Georgia at that time found the contents of the book unacceptable. At first, the publisher was ordered to remove a few pages from the book, and later the whole book was declared illegal. That meant that all unsold copies of it were to be destroyed. Nevertheless, a few copies of Wadbolsky’s book were saved by the workers of Khelovneba publishing house. Keeping in mind the importance of heraldry for the case of building up an independent Georgia we took a liberty of re-publishing a shortened of Wadbolsky’s book in order to introduce the public into the history of Georgia’s symbols and heraldry. We will keep publishing other heraldry-related materials and welcome the contribution from anyone who may be in possession of any related material.


Khari Foundation for the Protection of Businesses and Individuals.


We also would like to extend our special thanks to the Head of the Department of the Protection of businesses and individuals of the Police of Georgia, Mr. Nika Ivanishvili.







Astral Symbols. Totem Symbols. Symbols of Solar and Lunar Deities. Analogies.



Historical Arms of the Kingdom of Georgia. Family Arms. Arms and Crests on the Gravestones at Samtavisi Necropolis, Civic and Provincial Heraldry.



Flags, Standards (Banners) and Colours



Signet Rings. Symbols of Power. Symbols on the Weapons. Numismatic Symbols. Signatures. Analogies.