Мichael Wadbolsky



      Translated from Georgian by Mary Bitsadze and Andrew Andersen

      Web-edition: Andrew Andersen




Part 4










The Great State Seal of King Erekle II



Seal of King Theimuraz II

(18th century)


18th century seal




Seal of King David of Imereti

(18th century)




Seal of Katsia Dadiani

(18th century)


Seal of the Archbishop of Chkondidi








Seal of Abdallah-Bek, the son of King Iesseh

(18th century)












Symbolic signs on Armazi rock



The sign of Queen Tamar (12th century).

Found on coins and border pillars




Symbol of Tsaishi monastery




Symbol of power (“The Hand”)

of the Bagratides
















Heraldic figures: lion and wolf on the sword of Crown Prince Theimuraz (the son of King George XII)











Colchian coin

Stater of King Aqi.  3d century BC

Image: Goddess Athena




Coin of David III Curopalate. 10th century

Image:  cross, erected on a four-staged pedestal with four capital letters for the title of "Curopalate." placed between the branches of the cross.

 The coin also bears inscription in capital letters:

 "Christ, bless David".





Coin of King David IV “the Builder”.  XII век.

Image: crowned rider and the first letter of the King’s name



Coin of King Георгия III. XII век.

Image: falcon on the King’s outstretched hand of. Inscription in "the military letters" (a variant of Georgian alphabet) stands for the King’s (in its short form “Ge”) and the year 1174.



Coin of Queen Rusudan. First half of the 13th century.

Image: the nemeRusudan” in capital letters placed in the centre of an ornamental frame.








Coin of King Lasha-George. Late 12th   early 13th  centuries.

Image: Signature of Queen Tamar





Coin of Quarquare Atabag. 15th century.







Coin of King Lasha-George. Early 13th century.




Coin of King David Narin. 13th century.

Image: crowned rider and the first letter of the King’s name in capital letters.




Coin of King Demetre “the Self-sacrificer”. 13th century.

Image: a variant of Bagrtide family symbol.



Unidentified coin from Tephelis (Tbilisi), minted in the 60-ies of the 13th century.

It bears the Star of David.




Coin of Prince Wamekh Dadiani.

Second half of the 14th century.

Image: crowned ruler. Inscription “Wamekh” in "the military letters" (a variant of Georgian alphabet).













Signature of Queen Tamar






Signature of King Lasha-George (Tamar’s son)


Signature of Queen Tamar





Signature of Queen Rusudan (Tamar’s daughter)




Signatures of Queen Tamar and her spouse David Soslani





Signature of King Alexander I.




Signature of Demetre “the Self-sacrificer



Signature of King Constantin II of Kakheti.


















Hittite winged Sun




Hittite standard.




Hitite double-headed eagle.





Flags of various ancient peoples





Hittite standards.






Magic signs of various ancient peoples.