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          Written and illustrated by

          Carl Alexander von Volborth , K.St.J., A.I.H.


          Copenhagen 1973


          Internet version edited by   Andrew Andersen, Ph.D.








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By the blazon we mean a detailed technical description of a coat of arms sufficient to enable an artist conversant with the language of heraldry to depict it accurately. The order in which different parts of the achievement should be described may be found in standard manuals of heraldry.


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303. Arms of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1340-1400): per pale argent and gules, a bend counterchanged.



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304. Arms of the English family of More of which Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) was a member: argent a chevron engrailed between three moorcocks sable, crested gules. (The moorcocks are a pun on the surname.)



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305. Arms of the English politician

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81): per saltire gules and argent, a tower triple towered in chief proper, two lions rampant in fess sable and an eagle displayed in base or.



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306. Arms of the Spectacle Makers' Company, London.











Vert a chevron or between three pairs of nose-spectacles proper, framed of the second. Crest: on a wreath or and vert, two arms embowed vested vert cuffed or, the hands proper holding a sun in splendour within an annulet gold. Supporters: on either side a falcon proper belled or and charged with a sword erect gules.











Shield: Or a chevron gules, on a chief sable a label of the first. Crest: On a wreath or and gules, a griffin rampant of the first.

Banners: Flanking the crest two banners, the staffs light brown with silver finials and ferrules passing behind the shield and extending below the motto scroll, the dexter banner or bordered compony of the like and azure, charged with a mullet of the last voided argent: the sinister banner or bordered compony of the like and gules, charged with a Tudor rose barbed and seeded vert.


Scroll: Or lined sable with lettering of the last. Motto: Aegis Fortissima Honos ('Honour is the strongest shield'). (This is the official blazon supplied by the Department of the Army—Ed.)



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307. Arms of the Institute of Heraldry,

part of the United States Army.


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308. Arms of Eton College, the English public school.











Sable three lilies slipped and leaved argent; on a chief per pale azure and gules a fleur-de-lys and a lion passant guardant or.


Motto: Floreat Etona (May Eton flourish).